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About us

The Red Cross Caribbean Disaster Risk Management (CADRIM) takes the lead in building and contributing knowledge and providing services to the Red Cross network in the Caribbean, the Americas and globally; actively working towards the development of evidence, data and research that can inform leadership and recognize digital gaps and adaptation, by using evidence-based analysis and research to further amplify our advocacy and policy influence. It is the regional platform that assists Caribbean Red Cross Societies and partner organizations to investigate, analyse and develop knowledge on how to strengthen community resilience through sustainable preparedness and risk reduction activities, particularly in Small Island Developing States (SIDS).


Transforming how we work:

COVID has been the catalyst for digital transformation. An organisations’ capacity to thrive or sustain their business operations, directly relate to their ability to innovate.


CADRIM like many other IFRC units globally, seeks to utilize and improve upon its existing digital landscape to continue to provide its’ services. This includes but is not limited to the development and coordination of online training, virtual conferences, and interactive meetings/working sessions.


Learn more about our key services:

Knowledge management and information sharing

Research and innovation

Capacity building, training and hosts/ maintains a regional database of trainers

Develops and adapts tools and methodologies

Offers internships and technical exchanges, assistance, and support

Networking, partnership building and coordination

Strategic policy development and coordination of policy engagement on disaster risk management 

Other virtual services

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