Round Table Discussion with the Argentine Red Cross

About this event:

A Commercial First Aid expansion story about strategies that worked.

Series 1 of Transformation 7, Financing the Future.


Featuring the Argentina Red Cross

“Argentina RC is a large NS supporting a population of 45.7 million. The NS has one head quarter and 64 branches. Once they began concentrating on First Aid as a business activity, this National Society flourished.”


Date: September 30, 2021


Time: 10:00 am - 11:30 am (Panama Time)

           11:00 am - 12:30 pm (Atlantic Standard Time)

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Santiago Camino

Training Director, Argentina Red Cross

Santiago Camino has extensive experience in teaching first aid in the Argentinian Red Cross. He had the opportunity to dictate a wide number and variety of courses in companies, educational establishments, governmental departments and communities all over the country of Argentina.


He has worked in first aid coordination and first aid training on the different skill levels of certification processes for instructors and trainers of trainers at the national level. He is also responsible for adapting new technologies, standardising and homogenising content in first aid.


Santiago lends his expertise in peer-to-peer knowledge transfer with other South American National Societies in first aid. He works on helping to standardise first aid tools, content and programs and adjust them to their country context.


He was named Training Director to the Argentina Red Cross in 2020.

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Diane Issard

Manager of the IFRC Global First Aid Reference Centre

Europe, Africa and Americas' Regions

Diane has been involved in first aid promotion since 2001 where she led the European campaign for first aid and road safety at the French Red Cross. She then joined the European Reference Centre for First Aid Education, which then converted in 2012 into today’s GFARC.


Diane has a degree in marketing and communications obtained in a Business School and experience as a communications officer in the private sector. Since 2012, Diane manages GFARC partnerships and projects focusing on Europe, Africa and Americas.


In 2007 Diane travelled to Peru and fell in love with the country and its people. She then created in 2010 a fair trade organization to help vulnerable populations from Peru sell their handcrafts.

As a real French girl Diane loves good fresh bread and has the best bakery addresses of Paris.


Diane feels that the Red Cross and Red Crescent Movement is like a big family from which she can get help whatever happens when she travels. She has made many friends thanks to networking.


Melisa Pasquali

Programme Development Delegate, Programmatic office for Chile. Southern Cone CC Delegation

Melisa has more than 18 years of experience in the Movement, she joined as a volunteer in a branch in Buenos Aires, from there she was part of the Red Cross family. As a staff member of the Argentine Red Cross, she works in the Organizational Development department, and for more than 10 years she led the First Aid department.


She is a registered OR nurse and has a degree in the administration of social organizations.


Melisa firmly believes that learning first aid is an act of love and that it helps build more resilient communities


Currently she´s working as a Program development delegate for the programmatic office for Chile. As part of the Southern Cone Country Delegation.

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Juan Garland

Institutional Transformational Coordinator

IFRC, Country Cluster Delegation, Port of Spain, Trinidad and Tobago

Juan has extensive experience in leadership and advisory positions, having worked in the private and non-profit sectors. His professional journey has taken him to Shell Peru, IFRC (Chile, Ecuador and Peru), Save the Children, Agro Industrial Paramonga, and Contacto Insurance Brokers. In the non-profit sector, for more than ten years, he has pursued innovation, sustainability and lasting impact from organizations, for the most vulnerable. He also worked in consultancy, providing comprehensive services in Organizational Development and Employee Experience.


Since 2018 he has partnered with the World Employee Experience Institute, to promote positive employee experiences in Peru and Latin America. In addition, he is a professor at the Pacifico University (Peru) and a mentor in Emprende UP and the Association of Entrepreneurs of Peru (ASEP). He holds a Master in Business Administration, and a major in Business.


Up until May June 2020 he was the Secretary General of the Ecuadorian Red Cross; and, recently, he has worked as Leadership Development Advisor for the POS CCD.