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Caribbean First Aid Training of Trainers
with the
American Red Cross 

April 24 - May 11, 2022
Trinidad & Tobago


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Jason Wynter, Dip. Ed, Ph.D.

Jason Wynter hails from Kingston, Jamaica; He holds Master’s and Ph.D. degrees in Counselling Psychology from Northern Caribbean University (NCU) and a Post Graduate Diploma in Education and Training from the Vocational Technical Development Institute (VTDI), and Certificate in Substance Use and Research Methodology, Center for addiction and Mental Health (camh), Toronto, Canada.


Presently, Dr. Wynter serves as Associate Professor and Chair of the department of Behavioral and Social Sciences at Northern Caribbean University, Jamaica.  As a licensed Counselling Psychologist and Educator, Dr. Wynter conducts numerous presentations, psychological assessments, and trainings and has published on mental health related topics, and has served as radio host on mental health programmes.  Additionally, he is the Lead, Mental Health and Psychosocial Support Volunteer with the Jamaica Red Cross. 


Dr. Wynter is married to Stephanie Christopher PhD, and together they have a son, Kyle and daughters, Keyla and Kylie.

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Erin Hosek, EMT-B

Erin Hosek is an American Red Cross Instructor Trainer based in Akron, Ohio.  Entering her sixth year she instructs various land-based courses.  She became an EMT-B in 2019. In her spare time, she enjoys Girl Scouting, fishing, hiking, boating and playing with her two dogs.

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Larry Wiedenhoft, RN/BSN, EMT

After taking early retirement from his career as a Software Engineer, Larry found his new passion, Emergency Medicine and Disaster Response. He went back to school for his EMT and Registered Nurse license and currently practices as a volunteer EMT and RN/BSN. This has also allowed him to deploy to dozens of national disasters to help with medical needs. Larry also enjoys sharing his medical and response knowledge by teaching disaster and medical response classes. As an Instructor Trainer Educator, he travels around the world training emergency response instructor trainers for the American Red Cross. His certification as an Emergency Medical Responder (EMR) Course Program Director allows him to train, test, and certify new EMRs to obtain an EMS license issued by the Oregon Health Authority. His emergency and disaster response and training work is some of the most rewarding work he has ever done.


Sakiko Wehrman

Sakiko was born in Kyoto, Japan.  Her father was an active volunteer for the Red Cross in Japan.  While growing up, she tagged along with him to the meetings and later to blood drives.  She came to California to go to college and met her husband, Phil, while attending graduate school at the University of Hawaii. They have two children.  When the first son became a Cub Scout, Sakiko took the First Aid/CPR/AED instructor class so she could help train the leaders and parents in his pack and other Scouting units.  In 1994 she became a volunteer instructor and a member of the First Aid Station Team at the local Red Cross chapter.  (It made her father very happy.)  Sakiko also became a wilderness first responder, a skill that came in handy in Scouting.  Teaching is her passion and she has always worked with children and young adults, aged from preschool to college, as well as grown-ups.  In 2002, she became a part-time instructor. She is now an instructor and instructor trainer for land classes and a First Aid/CPR/AED instructor trainer educator.

Phil and Sakiko live near San Francisco, California, close to their two grown children and their families. They like to travel.  Whenever possible, she likes to bring home interesting-looking rocks from where they visit and display them throughout their home.  They also like trying different foods.  Sakiko enjoys growing cacti, origami (Japanese paper folding) and hiking.