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The Second Caribbean International
Disaster Response Law (IDRL) Workshop

Improving the Comprehensive Disaster Management (CDM) legal and policy framework for international humanitarian assistance

Join us on November 7th - 9th 2023

About the Conference

Recent years have seen an increase in the scope, intensity and frequency of severe hazards and disaster events in the Caribbean region, and a commensurate increase in the breadth of planned and ad hoc international relief entering the region. While disaster-affected Caribbean countries benefited significantly from international humanitarian inputs, they also faced immense logistical challenges to facilitate and regulate international responders resulting in poor quality and uncoordinated efforts, unnecessary delays and bottlenecks in the humanitarian supply chain. In light of these challenges, this Conference will focus on strengthening legal and policy frameworks in international disaster response through identifying best practices, sharing lessons learned during the COVID-19 pandemic and promoting the advancement of regionally appropriate regulatory standards and mechanisms with a view to enhancing the Comprehensive Disaster Management (CDM) Framework.

About the Project

This Conference is funded by an INTERREG “Ready Together” Project led by French Red Cross PIRAC and co-funded by the European Regional Development Fund (ERDF), the French Development Agency (AFD) and the Regional Council of Guadeloupe. As one of its four key pillars, the “Ready Together” Project seeks to enhance disaster resilience in the Caribbean, identifying the need to strengthen disaster legal and institutional frameworks through the promotion of climate-smart laws and policies that contribute to reducing risks, improving the quality of national and international response to disasters and enhancing community resilience.

Ready Together Project

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