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Contribute to the Evidence & Documentation Library

Hello Colleagues, 

You’re working on important initiatives that keep communities safe and healthy. It’s critical to document and share the stories of your successes and challenges with your Team and donors so they can celebrate your achievements, learn from areas of improvement and implement practices that have worked in similar projects.
Follow the steps below to see how you can get started on documenting and sharing your work with your Team and donors!


Propose a Topic or an Initiative that you would like to document. Our Team will contact you after you submit the short form.
Click here to complete the short form.


We'll contact you to let you know which Evaluation type(s) is/are most suitable to your initiative: Case Study, Good Practice, Lesson Learned or Success Story. 
We'll also set up a meeting with you to help you document the information.
Take a look at each of the templates for various Evaluation Types. 
Case Study Submission Form
Lessons Learned & Good Practices
Submisssion Form

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