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Disaster law

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Prepare, Be Ready, Respond:
Advocating for effective disaster laws

A Red Cross Virtual Exhibition

The Virtual Exhibition

Highlights of the Caribbean IDRL Workshop (Nov 2021)

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Creating a network to advance IDRL in the Caribbean

Recognizing the need to continually improve and adapt to the increasing complexities of disasters, the IFRC and the Caribbean Disaster Emergency Management Agency (CDEMA) and the French Red Cross, PIRAC held a virtual: Caribbean International Disaster Response Law (IDRL) Workshop on November 17-19, 2021.


Within the framework of an INTERREG “READY Together” Project, which seeks to enhance disaster resilience in the Caribbean, this workshop was conceptualized to examine ways in which the existing regional framework and its mechanisms can be strengthened through IDRL principles. Taking into consideration the doctrine of Comprehensive Disaster Management (CDM), this workshop aimed to facilitate the advancement of a Caribbean perspective on regionally appropriate regulatory standards that are aligned to current international best practices in IDRL.


A key outcome of this workshop was the commitment between IFRC and CDEMA to establish an IDRL Working Group which would be responsible for advancing the recommendations of the workshop through the development of Caribbean protocols and regulatory standards for the strengthening of the existing regulatory framework in the area of international humanitarian assistance. This would include the development of a regional IDRL protocol or regulation. This IDRL Working Group was eventually established in September 2022.

The Red Cross Virtual Exhibition is funded by the READY 360 Project led by the French Red Cross, through its Regional Intervention Platform for the Americas and the Caribbean (PIRAC), co-funded by the INTERREG Caribbean Program under the European Regional Development Fund.

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