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Our Virtual Services

CADRIM continues to innovating how you communicate with your audience by designing, developing, coordinating and hosting online webinars, forums and conferences.

Key Services Offered:

  • Concept and session (s) development 

  • Design of custom website and/or virtual event platforms 

  • Interpretation and translation services 

  • Technical support during all sessions (on all platforms)

  • Training of trainers on how to deliver impactful online events

  • Overall coordination of online sessions

  • Debriefing meetings with client, presenters and sample participants

  • Lessons learned reports 

Recent Projects:


National Society Development Global Conference 2021 

About the event:

Network:RED  offered a unique space for National Societies to surface experiences and practices on transformational NSD, while inspiring and updating  National Societies leaders and NSD practitioners on new trends and ideas, while encouraging collaboration and peer support.​

  • Reach: 142 countries

DL Web Series.png

Disaster Law & Legislative Advocacy

Webinar Series 2021


  • Train National Societies on the Disaster Law thematic areas, tools and resources 

  • Build capacity on the auxiliary role and the mechanisms to exercise it through humanitarian diplomacy in the area of disaster law

  • Analyse the areas in which the National Societies could provide support to their governments based on their unique position and expertise in disaster law

  • Identify elements for a national and regional strategy to overcome the legal gaps identified as challenges in providing humanitarian assistance in disaster management.

  • Reach: 15 African countries


Civil Military High Level Strategic Conference 2021  


  • Ensure broader support to the Movement approach to CMR in disaster management.

  • Identify bottlenecks, gaps, and potential areas to be improved in CMR cooperation and coordination.

  • Key stakeholders from governments to National Societies and experts in the region will convene to be updated on, discuss and where appropriate endorse or include new elements of the existing CMR roadmap.

  • Draft a road map for a common and more coordinated approach to CMR on the regional level. 

  • Provide recommendations to develop a strategy aiming at ensuring complementarity and coherence of efforts between humanitarian and military actors and deconflicting humanitarian and military activities.

  • Reach: 32 countries in the Americas & European regions

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