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Simulation Application


Engagement of communities and civil societies in epidemic and pandemic preparedness is vital to ensure early response and to mitigate impact, including the delivery of normative services. CADRIM has moved to convert the paper-based Simulation Guide into an electronic format which promotes accessibility and simulates real time scenarios by promoting engagement, interaction, and simulating hands-on field experience needed for disaster response actors. This simulation puts the user through a series of scenarios that allows them to make decisions based on the situational context of the scenario at that time, making the application a useful training tool for potential disaster responders.


Select this option to get started using the Simulation Application on your Windows Device


Select this option to get started using the Simulation Application on your Android Mobile Device

The simulation application covers two platforms, Microsoft Windows and Android. The entire simulation consists of three units, each training and testing users at various levels. To get started using the application download and install each unit either all together or individually as needed. For additional support installing the downloaded files, see the installation guide below.


Installation Guide

Step one: Download the .zip file for the unit you want to install.

Step two: Unzip the downloaded .zip file to your PC.

  • Open File Explorer and find the zipped folder.

  • To unzip the entire folder, right-click to select Extract All, and then follow the instructions.

Step three: Open the extracted folder and double click on the file entitled “D_Table_Dev_part”. Note: The number value at the end of the filename will change with each unit.

Step four: Select the checkbox indicating that you have acknowledged the license agreement for the software.

Step five: Continue through the installation process by clicking next and following the on screen instructions until the end of the installation. Click finish.

Step six: Run the installed application.


Step one: Allow your device to install applications from unknown sources.

              To achieve this, follow the steps below.

  1. From a Home screen, swipe up or down from the centre of the display to access the apps screen.

  2. Navigate: Settings. Apps.

  3. Tap. Menu icon. (Upper-right).

  4. Tap. Special access.

  5. Tap. Install unknown apps.

  6. Select the unknown app then tap the. Allow from this source switch to turn on or off.

Step two: Using the browser you just granted permission to install applications from unknown sources on your device, access the download link for your android file and download the file.

Step three: Locate the downloaded APK file on your device and follow the onscreen instructions to install.

Step four: Run the mobile simulation.

To install on Windows:

To unzip:

To install on Android:



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